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TIS 415 Motor Phase Rotation Tester

Part Number : EB13233

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The TIS 415 determines the rotary field of three phase systems and rotational direction of three phase motors, using non-contact or contact technology. Simply place the tis 415 on top of the motor with the base of the instrument facing the shaft of the motor, press the “green” button and the magnetic field of the motor will be detected along with its clock wise or anti-clock wise rotation. Alternatively connect the TIS 415 with the test leads to the motor terminals. Give the shaft a quarter turn to the right and the rotational field will also be displayed.


  • Safety
  • Meets DIN VDE0411, IEC61010, VDE0413-7
  • Maximum Operating Voltage 400V for All Ranges
  • CAT III, 300V
  • Current Consumption Max 20mA

Special Functions

  • Determines Rotary Field of 3 Phase Systems
  • Non-Contact Motor Rotation
  • Contact Motor Rotation
  • Clear and Precise LED Indication
  • Wireless Rotational Chart

Power 6F22/9V
Weight 150g
Size 124mm x 61mm x 27mm

Standard Accessories

  • 2 x AA Batteries,
  • Test Leads
  • Rubber Housing
  • Complete with Crocodile Clips
  • Zipped Padded Case

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number TIS 415

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